Raj Kotecha

CEO at Creative Content Agency

Raj is the CEO of Creative Content Agency (CCA), and produces creative content, enabling best-in-class brands and entrepreneurs to influence decision-makers in their industry. Over two decades, he has built audiences, engagement and opportunities for both his clients as well as his own original ventures in media, business and entertainment, which include VaynerWorld under the mentorship of Gary Vaynerchuk, My Friends Your Friends, and Other People’s Podcast with Fatman Scoop


In the past, he has implemented marketing campaigns across a range of platforms from events to social media for industry leading brands such as The Fragrance Shop, GolfOnline and Carrier Bag Shop. CCA has also supplied creative strategy and production services for a range of professional institutions including Accenture, Endava, Westminster Business Council, Royal Bank of Scotland and London Business School.


To this day, Raj is still an active creative producer, frequently chairing panels or stepping in front of the camera to interview Tony Hsieh (CEO, Zappos), Gary Vaynerchuk (CEO, VaynerMedia). Specialising in organisational culture, content marketing and technology, Raj’s interviews focus on big strategic themes with senior executives from PayPal, Microsoft, KPMG, Sage, Huddle, Audi, Google and others.